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To provide a full array of high quality Occupational Health and Safety services in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner.



To offer quality occupational health and safety solutions that satisfy federal, state and local health and safety laws and regulations as well as reduce risk, liability and costs while improving safety.



  • Developed and implemented accident prevention programs which resulted in a reduction in lost workday cases from 32 to 2 as well as a reduction in direct workers compensation costs from ~$32,000 to ~$10,000 over a six-year span. This was accomplished in an environment where management did not allow the early return to work of injured employees to duties that restricted their normal work activities in any way.
  • Developed a Microsoft Excel based noise calculator that could be used by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) staff in estimating overall employee noise exposures so that can more easily limit employee exposures to levels below the OSHA Action Level.
  • Developed a Natural Ventilation Model for the largest single-story building in the world. The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is used to assemble complex space sytems in preparation for launch. As some of the chemical compounds used in the spacecraft assembled in this building are potentially toxic and mechanical ventilation systems within the VAB are limited, a Natural Ventilation Model was needed to predict potential worker exposures should a chemical release occur within the building.
  • Provided technical oversight for an 8-week biocleaning and remediation project to remove biological contaminants in a 100,000 ft2 school building. This project included the collection of more than 3,500 air and surface samples for mold/fungus and environmental bacteria. Also included periodic monitoring of containment systems using smoke tubes, particle counters and manometer.
  • Provided monitoring of particle counts and biological contaminants on the surgical floor (including operating theatres) of a major central Ohio children's hospital before, during and after construction of two new floors directly above the surgical floor.
  • Developed and implemented a full array of Process Safety Management (PSM) programs for a gas to fuels pilot plant.

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